Monday, May 18, 2009


When we open wide

The door to our heart

It is then all His love

He is able to impart.

by Pam Fidler


When your path seems rocky

And has some bumps

He's always there

To get you out of your slumps.

by Pam Fidler


In the misty morning light

May we on God reflect

In word, deed, and action give

God our full respect.

by Pam Fidler

( I pray I will strive to do this)


When God is our strength

On Him we can stand

It is in Him and thru Him

We extend a helping hand.

by Pam Fidler


JESUS is our rock..

Our fortress..our shelter

It's to HIM we can run

When life's so helter skelter.

by Pam Fidler

His Love

Birds soar overhead
Flowers begin to bloom...
Let's allow HIS love to blossom
Resisting all trace of gloom.

by Pam Fidler


The weeds in our thoughts

Need to be uprooted

Remaining in HIS word

Lets us stay surefooted.

by Pam Fidler


The storms of life

Are like a raging sea

They are calmed by our faith

And trust in Thee.

by Pam Fidler


When we are in

The valleys of lament

On the mountaintops

We long to be sent


HE reminds us

In HIM to be content.

by Pam Fidler


When the flames of this life

At times scorch and burn...

It is to Christ we can run

And to HIM we should turn.

by Pam Fidler